Heath Lane

Marshall Sanborn House

Sarah Hobson House

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The Daniel Heath House

Franklin Ridlon House

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Lord Cemetery

The Tobias Lord House

A postcard image taken about 1910 looking down Heath Lane from Main Street.

  • The house on the left is the Marshall Sanborn house
  • The next house to the right is identified in 1871 as the S. Hobson house. The 1880 census indicates that the the owner was Sarah Hobson. This home was later owned by Henry & Mabel (Moore) Elwell.
  • The front of the Daniel Heath house is partially visible behind the Hobson house.
  • At the end of the Lane is the home of Franklin D. Ridlon and is identified as such by the 1870 census, 1871 map & 1880 census.
  • On the right, at the far end of the Lane, behind the elm trees, is the Lord Cemetery. At the time of the sale of land to Franklin Ridlon it was a small burial ground with very few graves and was originally known as the Cousins Cemetery.
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