Daniel Heath House

8 Heath Lane

Photograph 1930's

Daniel Heath was born in Brownfield, Maine on October 22, 1797, the 2nd son and 3rd child of Nicholas Heath of Brownfield and Mary Boulter of Standish. Daniel married Mary Lane (marriage intention filed April 24, 1812), and settled at Steep Falls.

  • Daniel Heath is first recorded in the Cumberland County Registry deeds in 1820 when he sold land in the Boulter neighborhood in Standish.
  • Heath is first noted in Steep Falls in 1824 when he purchased a fractional share, (1/8th of the entire mill, which is 1/4 of the shore saw), in the double saw mill on the Saco River. This very early transaction dates the initial construction period of the mill.
  • In November of 1826 he purchased from Ebenezer Howe a 6 acre parcel of land adjoining the saw mill which would become his homestead lot.
  • In May of 1832, "Daniel Heath of Standish, Yeoman, for $351.96 sell to Josiah Davis of Standish, Trader, 7 1/3 acres of lot #34 in the 3rd division of lands in said Standish together with all the buildings standing thereon and all of the privileges thereto belonging and being the same that said Heath purchased of Ebenezer Howe by his deed of November 18, 1826 and one former deed of said Howe to said Heath and being the same on which said Heath now lives and occupies."

    Included in this transaction are Heath’s home and lot as well as his share of the mill lot purchased from Ebenezer Howe.
  • It appears that the above transaction was a mortgage only as in June of 1833 Heath finally sells his property to Oliver Frost for $600.00.

These transactions indicate that Heath’s house was built between 1827 and 1832. At this time, Heath's house and the saw mill on the river's edge were the only buildings on this side on Main Street.

  • In 1833 and again 1834, deed records indicate that Daniel Heath bought and sold various fractional shares in the mill which appear to have taken place after he sold his home.

Marshall Pierce's History of Steep Falls states that the double saw mill on the Limington side of the Saco River was "blown out" by Daniel Heath and that this saw mill was built by Captain William Pierce in 1834 or 1835 for Jabez Hobson. Pierce says that Daniel Heath came to Steep Falls from Buxton which is likely as Daniel's wife, Mary Lane was from Buxton and was the daughter of local lumber Jabez Lane.

  • There is one additional transaction for Heath for 75 acres of land near the Steep Falls Brook in 1836. There then follows a ten year period when Daniel Heath is not mentioned in the Cumberland County records. 

His obituary in The Maine Democrat states that he was involved in the "Eastern Land Speculation" in Maine before traveling to Georgia and operating a lumber business there.

He apparently returned to Standish in about 1846 when he is again involved in several land transactions in and around Steep Falls and Standish. These transactions involve his brother William as well as Tobias Lord and others. It is not clear where Daniel is living at this time. Perhaps he is living in the Boulter neighborhood in Standish where his mother still has family living.

Daniel Heath died on August 11, 1858 in Saco, Maine and is buried there, leaving his wife and one daughter. Marshall Pierce says that of the several children of Daniel and Mary Heath, only two grew up, Endoxa and Ann. His obituary notes that he had been pursuing the calling of a farmer for the last few years.

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