First School House

1070 Pequawket Trail

This building is identified as School #11 in 1871.

From Baxter's Steep Falls History...

The first school house was located here and resembled a typical one room school with 8 grades and one teacher. School was held here until 1908-1909. Soon after the Androscoggin Pulp Mill was built, the school age population increased and a larger building was needed. A new two story school was built in 1909 on Mill Street with 4 grades in each room.

May 12, 1908
Mrs. Evelyn Watkins, teacher of the village school, is boarding with Mrs. Woodbury Wadleigh. The school has 37 pupils & there are 26 recitations every day.

May 16, 1908
As Miss Emma Emery, teacher of the Steep Falls School is ill, her sister, Mrs. Carrie Jones is supplying for her.
Two Views of the Fuller Home

From Martha D. Fuller's obituary...

Martha Dunnells was born on Newfield, Maine, graduated from Limington Academy and Kents Hill Seminary and came to Steep Falls in 1904 as a teacher. She taught school in Steep Falls until her marriage to Willard Fuller in 1905.
She and her husband bought the schoolhouse in 1912 and she helped him remodel it into the eight room home where they resided. For 10 years after her husband's death in 1931 she continued to manage Fuller's Garage which Willard had operated across Portland Street.

Dotty Hulit and Betty Gain's 1932 Memory Lane notes that it is the home of Martha and Willard Fuller.

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