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As part of the town of Standish in Southern Maine, the village of Steep Falls has a history that relies heavily on the Saco River and its mills. While Standish was incorporated in 1785, Steep Falls village settlement did not occur until the 1820s, with the construction of the first sawmill in 1826. For the next hundred years, the economic development of the village was determined early on by its various types of sawmills, gristmills and finally by its pulp mill. While the Saco is the boundary between the towns, the mills and settlement across the river in Limington were considered part of Steep Falls.

The construction of a railroad station in 1870 created faster growth in Steep Falls by making passenger and freight transportation much more convenient. Economic growth slowed in the 1920s, but until then the village was a destination point; home of many types of businesses including blacksmiths, cooper shops, hotels, livery stables, tailors, and general stores.

This site seeks to provide a brief general history of the village of Steep Falls, using images from era postcards to depict the history pictorially.

Steep Falls Map 1871

Standish Map 1871


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